Have a chance to win 1,000 $PRQ by learning more about PARSIQ and solving the riddles!

What's that?

PARSIQ team prepared a special campaign for our community and happy to invite everyone take part in a funny but useful riddle quiz.

You are suggested to follow our blog closely and read the series of eight educational PARSIQ articles marked with a #RiddleMePARSIQ tag. You can also look for this hashtag on Twitter to find all the previous riddles if you missed anything.

Starting October 27, new riddle articles will regularly appear on our blog, totaling eight posts published by November 30.

What should I do?

Follow our social media, read the blog posts thoroughly, and find a riddle at the bottom of each article. It is a simple (haha 😆, it's not!) question referring to the blog post you’ve just read. Honestly, we strained our riddle muscle a lot, so a riddle may require reading the article once again. Hope you'll have fun!

Type your answer into the riddle box. Try to submit

Check your answer: you solved the riddle correctly if the box requested your email. 

It is necessary to submit a valid, up-to-date email address, as important information will be sent to it. Namely:

  • Confirmation of participation.
  • Progress details.
  • Information about the winners.
  • Communication and prize distribution information.

Prize Pool

We’ve acquired 10,000 $PRQ to distribute among the ten fastest participants. You should have solved all eight riddles and submitted all the answers among the first ten people.

All the prizing details will be posted here, on the campaign page. Be sure to check it regularly and follow PARSIQ on Twitter.

Leaderboard 🔥

We are so amazed by everyone who took part in our Riddle Campaign. We've got the fastest ten people in the first minute the riddle box went visible. Even more, there were actually 14 people who have solved the riddle within the first minute. So we decided to prep an extra bonus of 100 $PRQ for all the four remaining participants.

🏆 Proudly showing our winners:

m***vell@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
th***so.email@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
gp***ta@hotmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
jo***ant@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
nh**er@live.com.au 1,000 $PRQ
mi***m@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
pa***9@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
ye***gic@protonmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
mi***yder@protonmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
sa***tti@gmail.com 1,000 $PRQ
ili***14@gmail.com 100 $PRQ
s***n@a***l 100 $PRQ
x***ng@protonmail.com 100 $PRQ
ji***w@gmail.com 100 $PRQ